The agency had the privilege of creating a completely customized user experience to accompany the Trees of Light annual holiday gala for The Hospice of Baton Rouge. Users are able to purchase memorial lights, tickets, and sponsorships through the site, as well as interact with the virtual Tree of Light, where loved ones are remembered throughout the holiday season.

Elegance Meets Functionality

The agency aimed to capture the spirit of the Trees of Light Gala into the overall aesthetic of the site. Opulent, refined, and hopeful were the three brand attributes that were deemed necessary to dictate the flow of the design. By adding the holiday cheer into the mix, the Trees of Light experience was born.

The Trees of Light Design

When designing materials for Trees of Light, we wanted to reflect the elegant nature of the gala that we would be inviting people to attend. This was achieved with custom foliage illustrations, elegant typography, and finished with gold foil that had the invitations sparkling as bright as the lights on the trees. We developed a look and feel which was applied to everything from invitations to event signage making sure everything looked cohesive and on brand.

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