The agency created SHOP!, a new brand identity and marketing position for two global retail associations, Association for Retail Environments (A.R.E.) and Point of Purchase Advertising International (POPAI), who merged to represent more than 2,000 worldwide retail members.

The Challenge

Two like-minded global retail associations, Association for Retail Environments (A.R.E.) and Point of Purchase Advertising International (POPAI), merged to represent more than 2,000 member companies worldwide and provide value to the global retail marketplace. The newly merged association faced a brand identity crisis with two passionate memberships extremely loyal to their previous brand identities and a global POPAI membership that runs autonomous licensed organizations in Paris, China, France, and the UK. The existing brand architecture represented two organizations, and a myriad of global entities, programs, and events. How would the two groups find a common global unity to the voice, brand, and architecture that provided each stakeholder group confidence and validity?

The Approach

After an extensive global agency search, Rockit Science was selected to rebrand and reposition the newly merged organization. The Agency attended strategic planning sessions in Chicago and Las Vegas, and participated remotely on global conference calls. The Agency believed that in order to elevate the association, the brand must move beyond an acronym and select nomenclature that is both insightful, representative, and truthful to the association’s world. Extensive quantitative and qualitative research, and brand testing was completed via intercept studies, focus groups, and digital surveys. The Agency evolved the brand and shaped the future for membership through carefully selected indicators that represented the brand voice. The Agency created a brand that denounced perceived differences and placed the membership in an egalitarian setting (represented in a mark and brand voice). Two great associations became one—one voice, one brand—we carved harmony out of chaos.

Creative Approach

The theory of the Union Model was explored and applied to the rebranded identity. The overlay represents two groups coming together to form one. It is this shared space that illustrates the common mission to serve their membership.

Venn diagram for the creative approach to the design for the shop! retail association logo.
Trade show graphics for the shop! retail association.
Environmental graphics at the shop! retail experience in Las Vegas.
Bicycle advertising for shop! in a downtown environment.

The Results

With the successful rollout of the newly merged brand, the organization has seen membership growth across the United States. Global entities will soon begin the transition to the new brand identity with variant adjustments based on social and cultural nuances.

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