The Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA) partnered with Rockit Science to provide branding and interactive services for their new program, SEM Hub, a self-sustaining, collaborative website and resource center for the strategic energy management community. The new brand highlights organizational practices, policies, and processes that create persistent energy savings by integrating energy management into business practices.

Branding Efficiency

When it came to branding, the goal was simple: create a mark that tells users what SEM Hub is, as efficiently as possible. Design explorations yielded a mark that put SEM Hub front and center, with an added tagline that would provide more information on the function of the brand. The mark was designed to allow SEM Hub to stand on its own, while still illustrating that it is the central hub for strategic energy management. A rounded typeface, paired with a cool color palette, provided universality in illustrating that energy efficiency is for everyone.

Website for SEM Hub, which is an online resource developed for the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance in the Pacific Northwest.

North American SEM Summit

With consistent innovations happening in regions across North America, Strategic Energy Management (SEM) is fast becoming a proven and reliable approach to challenging energy-intensive commercial, industrial, agricultural, and governmental markets. The North American SEM Summit held in Denver, Colorado, brought together experts from across the country and Canada to an open, interdisciplinary workshop to examine energy practices, encourage collaboration, dialogue, and vision from collective real-world experiences.

Participants at the SEM Summit in Denver, Colorado discuss energy efficiency.
Website discovery document for the SEM Hub website, an online resource for NEEA in the Northwest.

In addition to the branding services, the Agency engaged in an interactive scope of work to bring the new brand identity to life. The SEM Hub interactive goals were to increase market awareness of the program, explain its benefits and usefulness, and drive users to an easily searchable resource library that provides guides, tools, videos, and courses. With a collaborative spirit at its core, the site needed to offer users the ability to rate, submit, group, share and download resources that the users find most useful.

Logo for the SEM Summit conference for Strategic Energy Management in Denver, Colorado.
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