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Rockit Science helped maintain a billion dollars in funds earmarked for coastal restoration by changing the behavior of target high-frequency voters, bipartisan stakeholders, and gubernatorial candidates through community engagement and awareness campaigns.

The Challenge

Every hour one football field of coastal land along the Gulf of Mexico disappears because of erosion. The Mississippi River Delta Restoration Coalition was formed by the National Audubon Society, National Wildlife Federation, Environmental Defense Fund, and many others to work collaboratively to restore the Mississippi River Delta. Funded by The Walton Family Foundation, state and federal policy, and economic experts craft policies that are pragmatic enough to have bipartisan and broad-based stakeholder support. The coalition selected Rockit Science as Agency of Record to engage consumers and politicians to rally behind the message and methods of long-term, large-scale coastal restoration while protecting the funds for their intended use. Previously earmarked funds, over a billion dollars, from BP’s Deepwater Horizon settlement, were being eyed for redistribution by state and federal entities.

The Approach

Over the multi-year engagement, Rockit Science explored qualitative and quantitative research models to determine prioritization issues most important to voters. Twenty-four months prior to a gubernatorial election, multiple datasets were explored pre and post-campaign to further guide message variables of consideration. Coupled with concrete research, the Agency utilized intuitive insights developed through our extensive brand and multi-channel process, which derived specific consumer behavior pathways and intentions to further develop messaging and content hierarchies. A pilot campaign was tested across traditional and non-traditional tactical landscapes. The core strategy was to influence high-frequency voters (Tier 1) to take action by pledging to support continued coastal restoration.

Experiential Campaign

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EDF, Audubon Society, National Wildlife Federation and Walton Family Foundation are all partners that help The Mississippi River Delta Restoration Coalition.
Frog shirt design for the coastal restoration organization MRDRC.
Path to Coastal Restoration Field Guide designed for Restore the Coast in Louisiana.

The Agency also supports national public relations efforts surrounding the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, as well as a community engagement campaign that featured restoration-themed tactics highlighting Louisiana's rich biodiversity.

Poster series for the coastal restoration plan developed by Restore the Coast to save the Louisiana coastline.

The Results

The pilot and subsequent fully integrated campaign successfully engaged high-frequency voters to take a pledge to support coastal restoration and in-turn all gubernatorial candidates adopted coastal restoration position messaging and supported not redistributing earmarked coastal restoration funds for other projects.

4,158 Pledges

4,158 Pledges to support coastal restoration collected during the pilot campaign

13,671 Pledges

13,671 Pledges to support coastal restoration collected during main campaign

250,000 views/shares

Over 250,000 organic video views and shares for campaign videos.

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