Few things are as iconic as the classic Mel's Diner in Phoenix Arizona. The diner was memorialized in the 1976-1985 sitcom "Alice" starred Linda Lavin as the titular Mel's Diner waitress. Fast forward to 2021 and embrace a love for nostalgia, great service and an experience like none other and what you get is Mel's Carwash & Express Detail brought to life.

Iconic Integrity

During our Discovery process, we started to understand what makes iconic brands stand the test of time. Could we replicate that magic? Could we develop something new without destroying its creative integrity? The first step for us began with color. Examining color allowed us to connect something oddly familiar and recognizable with something new. Typography exploration was soon folded in and set the tone, style and feeling you get when you first see the brand for Mel's. It's the raw emotion, a gut reaction and that good feeling which we sometimes forget just how much of an important role they have to play when it comes to brands.

A Clean Approach

The design strategy was simple. Translate just how clean and polished Mel's will leave your car by having a visual system that matches this ethos. The right execution that says we will keep our promise.

Developing secondary brand features was a tactic we knew would flourish inside Mel's overall strategy. With such an iconic and historic looking mark, we were able to coalesce around the letter "M" and turn it into a stand alone, secondary mark. Complimented with lines and that squeaky clean starburst allows Mel's to leverage a different aspect of their brand which fits naturally on apparel, signage, vehicle graphics and way-finding elements.

Every touchpoint across the Mel's brand was developed with the strictest design restraint. We let color and type stand on their own which makes for a simplistic, yet powerful brand translation.

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