Of Principles and Processes

Through mutual collaboration, the Agency works closely with clients to solve complex branding, marketing, and advertising challenges with finely measured solutions that humanize brands while engaging and inspiring audiences.


Today the world is filled with advertising clutter and noise. It takes brand clarity and consistency to engage, inspire, and move audiences with a distinctively humanized brand position and advertising campaign.


Through a finely measured balance of traditional advertising, digital marketing, and experiential branding, our integrated approach ensures brands break through the fragmented media landscape.


Our designers and developers understand the principles of advanced digital architecture to ensure UI/UX design and website development fully integrated across your advertising, marketing, digital and brand landscape.

Public Relations

Using integrated PR methodologies, we provide clients credibility, exposure and a trusted brand position through crisis communications, social media, media outlets and community relations.

Graphic Design

Graphic design is key in any successful advertising campaign or branding initiative. Our team can turn ideas into lasting impressions.


From social media to billboards, our team will craft a strategic marketing plan that aligns with your goals and brings your brand to the next level.


Choosing the right media is crucial for your advertising needs. Our team can explore your needs and curate the perfect places for promoting your content.


We use market research and experience, targeting your brand’s specific demographics and target audiences and ensure your advertising dollars go the extra mile.

Our Approach

Rockit Science's brand advertising approach entails highly refined principles and processes, developed over 20 years, which transcend industry and medium. The Agency explores research, insights, and cultural trends in order to distill brands clearly, then express them boldly. It’s the purposeful pursuit of a laser-focused big, yet simple, idea that is paramount to creating a compelling and memorable brand advertising experience. This strategic methodology of the communication arts provides Rockit Science clients sustainable growth and measurable results.


We learn everything about you and your brand. Clients become partners.


Via research, insights, and analysis we explore your unique challenges, gaps, and opportunities.


Articulation and clarified insights provide us calculated and effective solutions.

Creativity & Assembly

Through visual communications and variant tactics we execute strategic methodologies.

Creativity & Assembly
Planning & Review

Measure twice, cut once. The Agency’s superior project management and rollout is exact.

Planning & Review
Launch & Measure

Smart enough to measure detailed success, nimble enough to pivot when needed.

Launch & Measure
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