May 28, 2020 - 2 min read

Work vs. the World: Natalie Steuer

Work vs. the World: Natalie Steuer

Natalie Steuer

Marketing Coordinator

The following is the third volume of our series, Work vs. the World. Over the next few months, I will continue to interview individual team members to ask questions regarding their work and how work and life are being affected by current events. As local governments begin to phase out, or end, stay-at-home orders, I aim to explore what it is like to be a part of the advertising industry in 2020 - life at home, life at work, and life when “at work” means "at home.”

My response is somewhat unique from those of my colleagues. When we were asked to begin working from home, I had only been employed at Rockit Science for two weeks! Being a recent LSU graduate and excited to start my new job, I initially viewed working from home only as a significant bummer. From the start, I knew I was going to love my job and all of my co-workers. I was enjoying waking up early and doing my morning routine before driving into the office. I may have taken my desk and two monitors for granted because now I realize how much I’d love to have that at home!

However, after my initial shock and disbelief passed, I realized that I would soon be returning to work from my dining room table where I had just finished writing so many college papers, and I began to reconsider my situation. Perhaps, I should consider my freshness to the working world a strength. Unlike those who had been working long before this spring’s sudden stay-at-home orders were enacted, I was familiar with working from home. I had spent four years training, studying exactly this way. I should certainly consider my well-practiced self-motivation as an asset.

As Rockit’s Marketing Coordinator, it is my responsibility to be creative, on schedule, and in contact with team members as well as clients. Fortunately, there are many tools and applications that are easily accessible to me, coworkers, and clients.

To keep myself as productive as possible amid the global pandemic, it has been most important for me to maintain health-minded routines. Getting a good night’s sleep is strategic, so keeping up with a sleep schedule has become a top priority. I wake up and dress as if I were going into the office. I follow the logic that you should dress for the job you want, not the job you have; dress for the office you wish to be (back) in, not your make-shift work-from-home setup.

While there are some obvious advantages to working from home, such as the ability to run loads of laundry between meetings or intermittent cuddles with furry friends throughout the day, I look forward to a return to the office.

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